Sticking to sticks

On the go or not, convenience and travel-friendly products have taken over our busy lifestyle. No time to deal with spillage or space absorbents of tons and tons of falconets in our bathrooms and beauty bags. From cooling, awakening eye serums to toners, masks, scrubs and more: swipe and go. Minimalist stick design encapsulates the best, freshly harvested actives in line with the latest trend.

Charcoal is a well-known active ingredient with absorbent qualities, that will purify and unify the skin in a slide. It can also act as a mask when left on for a few more minutes.

Solid balm cleanser in a stick format – doesn’t this just sound like a dream of a busy girl that still wants to take care of her skin? Simply massage into the dry skin to break up makeup and add a splash of water to emulsify. Exquisite oil blend will remove all the unnecessary bits leaving the skin soft and supple. It’s a must-have for forever-dehydrated/jetlagged travelers!

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