The Green Era of The Cosmetics Industry

In recent years, environmental awareness and sustainability values have been at the centre of a new way of doing business. The cosmetics industry has proven to be one of the sectors that has been able to adapt to the socio-economic context with extreme flexibility. Therefore, the beauty sector is embracing sustainability, increasingly favouring cosmetics with a low environmental impact and favouring the use of natural ingredients in their formulations, and sustainable beauty packaging.

This is a more controversial issue than you might think - in fact, very often it is extremely difficult to replace plastic. Choosing glass, for example, is not a guarantee of greater sustainability. Being delicate, it necessarily needs a secondary packaging, which would only increase waste. For this reason, choosing to reduce single-use plastic packaging and rely on recycling represents a real investment for companies.

For example, it is possible to use non-edible fractions of fruit, deriving from the production of juices and concentrates, to make biologically active waters as a functional cosmetic ingredient. Thanks to a constantly growing demand, eco-friendly cosmetics will be the undisputed star of the years to come. Therefore, the global market requires the cosmetic industry to grow: the union between cosmetic innovation and environmental sustainability is certainly the key to success.

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