Simple Skin Routine

The belief that women put on makeup for other’s consumption has disappeared a long time ago. But when our face is the only one we will see that day, the idea of applying makeup for ourselves becomes even clearer. Reaching for the cosmetic bag during a global crisis might feel a bit trivial. However, experts say it can make a massive difference in handling these unstable and mind-boggling circumstances.

The beauty routine, the morning and evening, belong to us since ancient times and should never be forgotten. Taking care of your appearance has a strong psychological impact. Even more in moments of social segregation. So, after weeks of messy hair, pyjamas, and no makeup, you decide to dress up, put on some makeup, and give yourself a “tone” - looking for a familiar rhythm and a routine to follow. And it feels GOOD. Right? Treating yourself to some makeup can be a real mood-booster!

Why take care of yourself? Apart from the aesthetic results, skincare is a ritual, a magical moment every morning and every evening when we show ourselves some love. By dedicating a little time a day to your skin, you can also heal your mind. The simple gesture of taking care of yourself relaxes, instils positivity and allows the brain to receive positive nerve impulses. That, in return, makes your skin more beautiful. It’s the brief sporadic moments, in which we simply apply a moisturizer and a little powder that help us really see ourselves - confident and strong - as we are meant to be.

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