Inclusive Beauty is The Future

Makeup and skincare products for both him and her, regardless of gender. It is the new frontier of makeup that responds to the social changes that demand inclusion. Makeup is essential in helping us show our own vision of beauty to the world and helps us accept small imperfections and feel more at ease. This is a right every person should enjoy, be it man, woman, non-binary, gender fluid or Klingon.

Will we ever drop the concept: self-care = woman's stuff? De-feminizing makeup is important. But above all, we need to demystify the idea of how a person who identifies with any gender should or should not appear. After all, the above equation has not always been true in past. Men's makeup has a thousand-year history and has been used without any prejudice for many centuries.

Today, fortunately, Instagram feeds are invaded by guys who use make-up and girls who show themselves natural, proposing a #nomakeup concept that some celebs manifest not only online, but also on the red carpet. If a man has the right to wear mascara and lipstick, a woman can go out without makeup without being considered sloppy and messy. The message is loud and clear.

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