Bush, bushy, bushier

Experimenting with all sorts of bodily hair just seems to be in our nature. Hence why, at times, the desire to undo those impulsive decisions is real. Over plucked brow due to lifelong commitment to Friends and Jennifer Aniston’s character? We’ve got you. Actually, BrowGene does. Along with BrowDo, of course. The beautiful before:

Simply flick in the hairs where wanted with the most effortless fine water-resistant and just-the-right-opacity tint presented in the finest brush tip, set with a concrete hold clear gel BrowDo and Voila! From 90’s to Cara realness we go. The beautiful after:

What a difference, right? The best part is – the look is completely customizable, the bolder or softer is the mood the brow shall obey, and remember: it is the frame of the face and can never be abandoned!

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